Crisis Cover Protects Businesses.

Give your clients the confidence to know you’ve protected their business interests.

Crisis Cover is a free way for agencies, businesses and freelancers to store information in a way that gives your clients to access it if something happened to your or your business.

Also, you earn 10% of every subscription your clients sign up for.

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How Crisis Cover Protects Your Clients

Crisis Cover knows when something is wrong, and passes key operational information to your clients.

  • Emergency Access

    Emergency Access

    If your business goes bust, we can securely give your clients access to their usernames, passwords and information you store for them in the Crisis Cover escrow service.

  • Complete Storage

    Total Storage

    To get started, setup your clients in Crisis Cover, then securely store the information you want to share with them if something happened to you or your business.

  • Keeping Constant Tabs

    Safety Catch

    We have a number of ways to spot any signs of trouble, e.g. checking a Twitter account for recent activity and setting it to prompt us to check if your tweets stop.

We Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

Data is only released to clients once we’ve manually confirmed there is an issue

We realise that this sort of information is key to the operation of your and your client's business. It’s very likely that your clients are concerned that this data is available for them to access in an emergency, but have you got a good provision for this?

Crisis Cover is a simple, secure place where people and businesses who service clients can securely store this information in escrow, and benefit from this safe-like functionality.

In practical terms we AES encrypt all data stored in Crisis Cover. This is a military grade encryption. Every page of the Crisis Cover service is protected by a green bar SSL certificate which protects the connection between any machine you use Crisis Cover on and our UK based servers.

Secure Digital Storage

We use military grade encryption. Find out more.

Features & Advantages

  • Features

    Simple Online Management

    Our simple, secure control panel gives you 24 hour access to manage your free Crisis Cover account and clients. Manage the login details, contact information and emergency instructions you have stored on their behalf.

  • Methods

    Backup any information

    You complete the information your clients would need if your business went bust. We let your clients know that it’s stored securely and they are protected.

    The name of your web hosting company, your company twitter login details, the contact details of someone who could help you out in an emergency, version control access passwords? Crisis Cover can handle anything that can be stored in the form of a text based instruction.

  • A Modern Solution

    A modern, secure solution

    You can do some of the things we mention here with a solicitor, paper and legal documents.

    But it’s faster, more cost-effective, more flexible, and far easier to update when your clients make and manage an emergency business backup plan with Crisis Cover’s simple online service.

  • Backup

    Keep records up to date

    Because we can handle client requests for details, we know exactly what information they want to make sure is backed up. Periodically we prompt you to ensure all the information is in Crisis Cover and up-to-date.

Earn 10% Revenue Share

Free to you. Earn 10% of every client subscription.

Yes, really, it’s free. Once you have stored the information, your clients are immediately protected. They can then choose to pay a £10 monthly subscription for instant access to the information stored in the event of an emergency – or if they prefer not to subscribe – they can pay a one-off release fee to access all the information if such a time comes.

Store usernames, passwords, website logins, contact information, emergency instructions, FTP details, version control repository details, control panel access, social media accounts… or anything else you need to.

Instantly protect your clients in just a few minutes. Sign up for free and your clients don’t have to pay for anything upfront, but if they do, we'll send you 10% revenue share for the life of each paid subscription.

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