Crisis Cover Protects Businesses.

What’s your backup plan if a company or person your business depends upon goes bump?

Crisis Cover allows suppliers and other people you rely on to securely store usernames, passwords and instructions in a way that allows them to be passed on to you in a worst-case scenario.

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How Crisis Cover Can Protect & Save Your Business

Crisis Cover knows when something is wrong, and passes back to you any key operational information your suppliers manage.

  • Emergency Access

    Emergency Access

    If you can no longer contact a supplier, we will send back to you all the usernames, passwords and information they stored for you in the Crisis Cover escrow service.

  • Complete Storage

    Total Storage

    To get started, you tell us who your suppliers are and what information they store on your behalf. We then give them tools to backup that information securely.

  • Keeping Constant Tabs

    Keeping Watch

    Non-invasively we monitor the health of your suppliers using simple automated checks, for example noting if they have tweeted recently, or are replying to emails.

We Keep Your Data Safe & Secure

Essential protection for every size of business

We realise that this sort of information is key to the operation of your business. It’s very likely that your suppliers have their own internal methods for storing this information, but how secure are these? Excel spreadsheets, paper documents, post it notes? Just how secure is your data already?

Crisis Cover is a simple, secure place where the people who service your business can store them in escrow, and also benefit from this safe-like functionality.

In practical terms we AES encrypt all data stored in Crisis Cover. This is a military grade encryption. Every page of the Crisis Cover service is protected by a green bar SSL certificate which protects the connection between any machine you use Crisis Cover on and our UK based servers.

Secure Digital Storage

We use military grade encryption. Find out more.

Features & Advantages

  • Features

    Simple Online Management

    Our simple, secure control panel gives you 24 hour access to manage your Crisis Cover protection and emergency plan, as well check
    that your suppliers have stored all the requested login details, contact information and emergency instructions.

  • Methods

    Backup any information

    You tell us what information you would need in an emergency, for example if a supplier went bust. We request that from your existing suppliers and store it securely.

    The name of your web hosting company, your company twitter login details, the contact details of someone who could help you out in an emergency, version control access passwords? Crisis Cover can handle anything that can be stored in the form of a text based instruction.

  • A Modern Solution

    A modern, secure solution

    You can do some of the things we mention here with a solicitor, paper and legal documents.

    But it’s faster, more cost-effective, more flexible, and far easier to update when you make and manage an emergency business backup plan with Crisis Cover’s simple online service.

  • Backup

    Keep backups up to date

    Because we handle your requests for details, we know exactly what information you want to make sure is backed up. Periodically we prompt your supplier to ensure all the information you requested is in Crisis Cover and up-to-date.

Just £10 per month

Simple, Sensible Pricing

Yes, really, that’s it. One price fits all. Store as much as you like. Unlimited usernames, passwords, website logins, contact information, emergency instructions, FTP details, SVN & GIT repository details, control panel access, social media accounts... it costs less than 35 pence a day.

Protect yourself in just a few minutes. Try it out for free, you don’t start paying for anything until you are ready.

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Protect your business in less than a minute

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